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Porous aluminium

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A brand new technology of creating an unsinkable aluminium alloy was developed at Peter the Superb St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU). Porosity is created by the addition of foaming gas into liquid aluminum in the course of re-melting. The porous components can raise stiffness and sound and heat insulating proprieties, based on the SPbPU's Media-center.

"A high porosity level may be used to lower the density of structural elements, e.g. sheets. The density will be decreased even reduced than the density of water. Resulting structural components would be unsinkable. And its usage in shipbuilding will guarantee unsinkability even with a leak inside the hull," says Oleg Panchenko, deputy head of the Laboratory of Light Components and Structures SPbPU, on the list of inventors.

In plenty of instances, the carrying capacity of thin materials (1 mm or much less) is sufficient for a large amount of structures. But material with such thickness sometimes has geometric limitations (the thickness is also tiny for manipulation) or it can't be joined devoid of deformation. Due to the material's porosity, it can be potential to increase the thickness, sustaining the weight though stiffening the structure.

A comparable technology has been patented in Japan, but it produces only entirely porous material. Researchers of SPbPU located a approach to make homogeneous and heterogeneous distribution of pores inside the material. Because it is produced of solid material, it can be either porous if necessary or with nonporous thickening or solid structure. Employing this technology, double-layer sandwiches may very well be developed in which only one side is porous, improved density is often conferred to selected places for mechanical or welded joints.

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