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About Twaluminumplate.com

Anyaluminum.com is an open site to display the aluminum product from Detect Metals Co., Ltd, So the buyer can find us on internet and know more about our product.

Detect Metals Co., Ltd, is a full line metal Manufacturer and distributor, we have been engaged in this industry for more than 10 years, had relationship with lots of customers from Europe, the Americas and Southeast Asia. During these years we tried our best to be certified and dependable, we also expanded our abilities to serve more customers.

Detect Metals Co., Ltd, supply specialty metals with complete processing services, timely delivery and most important the best product quality. We are also the best source for providing innovative supply chain solutions worldwide.

For our customers, Detect Metals is not just a distributor. We could be a partner you can trust for sound advice and responsive service. Besides, we will get to know your company, your applications and your specialty metals needs while developing a program that satisfies those needs allowing us to help your company achieve its production and profitability goals like never before.

Your Detect Metals representative is a professional who is backed by years of training and experience.  As a result, they can provide proactive service and advice to help you succeed.

Our goals are created with the objective to drive your success.

Why Choose Us To Be Your Partner

Specialized in export aluminum product for more than 10 years
Direct export from manufacture with competitive price and fast shipping
Run professional team for after-sale service
No minimum order restriction