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3003 Aluminum Sheet/Plate

3003 Aluminum Sheet/Plate

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Product Detail

    3003 Aluminum Sheet/Plate

    3003 aluminum sheet and plate is approximately 20% stronger than 1100 series aluminum. 3003 aluminum reacts well to mechanical finishings as well as organic finishes. 3003 welding is readily accomplished by means of conventional welding methods, but may be gummy if machined. Soldering is limited to the torch method.

    Detect-Metals has a wide range of sizes readily available to the AMS 4006 for O temper, AMS 4008 for H14.

    Applications of 3003 Aluminum Sheet:
    Food Equipment
    Chemical Equipment
    Appliance Components
    Truck and Trailer Roofing

    Lawn Furniture Components

    Typical Chemical Requirements

    .05 – .20

    Chromium Range



    Detect-Metals offer as wide range of stock sizes and processing capabilities for your company’s needs.  Stock sizes range from .032" – .393" x 48/60 wide and 96/120/144 inches long.  We also have shearing capabilities to meet your projects specific needs.

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